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AGV batteries commonly used in cars
Time:2022-05-23 14:41
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The battery is AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle, referred to as AGV) the car's energy source, but also about the AGV car service life, the battery voltage AGV AGV is used in 24V and 48V systems, AGV unmanned vehicle commonly used batteries: lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries.

1. Lead-acid batteries

The electrode is mainly made of lead and its oxide, and the electrolyte is a kind of accumulator of sulfuric acid solution. In the discharge state, the main component of the positive electrode is two lead oxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead. Under the charge state, the main component of positive and negative electrodes is lead sulfate. Divided into exhaust battery and maintenance free lead-acid battery. The Hawke lead acid power battery (AX series maintenance free lead acid sealed battery) is dedicated to AGV cars and all types of mobile intelligent robots.

The battery features this series:

Fully sealed structure, without adding acid and water maintenance. No leakage of acid, no acid mist discharge.

Batteries have excellent charge and discharge performance.

The performance of deep cycle discharge is good, and the number of deep discharge cycles is more than 3 times of that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Depth recovery performance is superior, can receive large current (0.2C10) charging, shorten the charging time.

Adapt to the wide range of environmental temperature and can be used normally in extremely high temperature or low temperature environment.

2. Lithium battery

"Lithium battery" is a kind of battery made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode and using nonaqueous electrolyte solution. It has a high energy density. Compared with the high capacity nickel cadmium battery, the energy density is 2 times. High voltage, with an average voltage of 3.6V, is 3 times that of nickel cadmium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen batteries, voltage 1.2V). Hawke's phosphate iron power battery (EV Series) has an internationally advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) power battery system. Support the high-power charge and discharge, meet different industry conditions of use demand, high energy density, long cycle life, high degree of protection IP, charge and discharge performance, good temperature performance, is a new generation of high safety and high reliability of the green power.

The lithium battery is a battery management system using the latest research and development (BMS), specifically for mobile equipment online charging and wireless charging and design production of power battery, no memory effect, no matter how much all remaining power can be charged at any time, does not affect the service life. With advanced battery management, communications, alarm and receive short-term fast charging function.

The battery features this series:

Excellent charging, overvoltage and undervoltage protection function

To provide analog output AO, SOC analog output, 0-5V, user-friendly monitoring of electricity

Efficiency passive equalization system

The charge / discharge Yikou

• bread, LED power, system status display

Interface is rich, can realize information interaction through digital IO and 485 interface

• professional industrial design and material selection, sustainable work in harsh industrial environments

• support high power charging and discharging to meet the needs of various industrial conditions

• wide temperature working environment, -20 degrees to 60 degrees

Small size

3 、 nickel cadmium battery

An alkaline battery that is made of nickel and the negative active substance is mainly made of cadmium.

The nickel cadmium battery used for the AGV car has large internal resistance, which can be used for discharging large current, and the voltage varies little when discharging. Compared with other types of batteries, nickel cadmium batteries can withstand overcharge or let electricity, the operation is simple and convenient. On the basis of some difference of the discharge voltage discharge current, discharge is generally about 1.2V nickel cadmium battery termination voltage is 1.0V/CELL, is the use of temperature in the range of -20 degrees -60 degrees, the discharge should be within this range, the charge and discharge can be repeated 500 times over.

Memory effect: when a nickel cadmium cell is repeated several times to maintain a low capacity charge, the battery cannot function if it has to do a larger amount of discharge. This is what we call the memory effect".

The memory effect may be the most misunderstood problem in Ni Cd batteries. The end of discharge voltage is set high VCR, along with the use of voltage becomes low, on the surface it seems with reduced, but the discharge voltage is low by 1 ~ 2 times and discharge completely solve this phenomenon. It is recommended that the discharge be conducted once after ten charging so as to prevent the memory effect.

Therefore, periodic discharge management is also required. The periodic discharge management is handled in a fuzzy state, and even under some incorrect knowledge, the discharge management is unavoidable in the use of Ni Cd batteries.

4 、 nickel hydrogen battery

The positive active material is mainly made of nickel, and the negative electrode active material is mainly an alkaline accumulator made of hydrogen storage alloy.

Ni MH batteries are improved by nickel cadmium batteries. They offer higher capacitance, less obvious memory effects, and lower environmental pollution at the same price than nickel cadmium batteries. Can use the charger in one hour fast charging, self discharge characteristics of nickel cadmium battery, charging can be retained for a longer time, can be repeated more than 500 times of charge and discharge.

The factory is becoming more and more dependent on AGV, and AGV undertakes more and more production tasks. High efficiency charging and discharging battery has become the mainstream. Lithium battery supports large power discharge, fast on-line charging and intelligent management. It is widely used at present.

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