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Environmental supervision storm again, four major upgrades, battery companies do not ignore
Time:2022-05-23 14:42
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April 5, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held an air pollution prevention and control to strengthen video surveillance meetings.

April 6, the first phase of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas to strengthen air pollution control training training held in Beijing.

April 7, to participate in the first round of air pollution control and supervision of 224 people will soon go to "2 +26" city, to carry out a comprehensive supervision work ... ...


Only three days, environmental inspection work from the implementation of the meeting in place, as the history, the national level directly organized by the largest scale action. The environmental protection inspection has four aspects, the need for battery business attention.

 First, a strong lineup

Participants to strengthen supervision and supervision by the Ministry of Environmental Protection unified deployment of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) business backbone, composed of 28 inspection teams. According to the arrangement, each inspection group of 8 people, on the "2 +26" city to carry out station supervision, two weeks of rotation, each city a total of 25 rounds of the year.

 Each person who participates in the supervision will be issued with a law enforcement certificate to facilitate the work.

 Certificate of employment, all year round.

Second, both governor and governor

The object of the inspection, not only related businesses, but also to inspect the local party committees and governments found in the relevant departments of environmental protection as a slow, environmental responsibility is not implemented, on the one hand to the public , On the other hand to be held accountable.

Some companies that rely on "local protection" to survive will now lose their umbrella.

 Third, inspect the contents of the unavoidable

The environmental supervision, will focus on the following six aspects:

1, fixed pollution sources environmental protection facilities operation and discharge standards;

2, "elevated source" automatic monitoring facilities installation, networking and operation;

3, "scattered casual" business investigation, banned the situation;

4, the peak production enterprises to stop production, production measures to implement the situation;

5, involving volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) enterprise management facilities installation and operation.

 Only six points, enough to cover the entire industrial production.

 Fourth, the precision force, technology upgrades

"Hot spots grid" to carry out the mission, visible light, infrared, UV general sense of the ... ... the environmental protection supervision and supervision means to upgrade again, "the inspection team should control the daily environmental protection department with the relevant information and the city To provide a list of random checks and 'hot spots' combination of the way to investigate the illegal industrial enterprises environmental violations, as well as air pollution prevention and control work is not in place.

 Supervision without blind spots, found that the implementation. You "magic high three feet", own "high ten feet."

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