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How to extend the life of the car battery? To develop good car habits is the key.
Time:2022-05-23 14:47
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With the continuous development of automotive technology Today's cars in addition to the pursuit of the operation of the vehicle itself is also the pursuit of safety, comfort and convenience, so had to integrate into a lot of electronic components and smart computers to make our car more convenient, such as car audio and video , Anti-theft devices, charge sockets, air conditioning, car refrigerator, seat heating and a series of auxiliary systems, so become more and more cars from the power, there are some cars even after the power even the doors are not open. Then the car battery is the driving force behind all this, good to the battery your car will perform better.

At present, many cars are equipped with maintenance-free battery, although it is maintenance-free, but also need to develop good car habits to maintain it, the following we have to correct the bad habits of the car:

1, now most of the cars are equipped with automatic power supply system, so many owners in the car after the flame out of the key to pull the anti-theft leave, but you know you are actually a lot of things are not closed, such as sound, Air conditioning, lights (including automatic headlights), etc., if these things are a kind of leakage, then it is likely to lead you the next time you can not start the car, and this is a car battery is a great harm, so please After the car manually shut down the car on the electrical, but also have a benefit, the next time you start the car with these appliances will not start together.

2, many owners have this phenomenon waiting for people or in the car when the car on the car to enjoy the music, some even the lights are open, but the car is stalled, then use all the electricity Are the battery of electricity, if the time is not long may have no effect, but a long time for half a bell or a clock may lead to the car can not start, so long down the battery life is certainly greatly reduced, so the proposed owners as much as possible Do not use the car when the car is turned off the electrical appliances, must be used not more than 10 minutes.

3, many families have a number of small wheels open, this may lead to some of these cars idle, so we recommend that the car is not the case of the best every 3 to 4 days to start charging the battery, each 15 Minute, so as to ensure that the car has enough power for the battery is also a very good maintenance.

4, in the cold weather when the car is sometimes not so easy to start in the face of the car when the difficulties are not continuous intensive ignition, each time the fire to be 10 to 15 seconds, please give the battery call the opportunity to let It is more comfortable for you to start the car.

5, there are many car owners like to install their own cars, such as high-power audio, lights, electric blankets or massage seats, etc., in fact, do not recommend doing this, because the vehicle design is equipped with battery capacity Can only be said to be enough, but you install the electrical appliances in the use of the car when the generator may be no extra charge to the battery may even use the battery power, if the long term so the battery may be In the state has been loss of power, capacity will soon decline. It is recommended that owners do not secretly to the car to install electrical appliances, must be installed, please do not use a variety of electrical appliances, and then for a larger capacity battery, so as to ensure that the car has enough power.

6, the last point, in fact, this is repeated above the first point, but still want to come up with a separate to remind you, after the car lock, please use a few seconds to observe the lights and lights inside the car Whether the lights are completely closed, there are many owners in the anti-theft device is while walking by the car do not see, if the lights are still lit if it is likely to affect your next start, so please more Take note of it.

To a small proposal, and now a lot of car manufacturers in order to save production costs equipped with the car battery is only enough, in the battery position will be reserved for some space out, so the location can be large enough to replace the battery when used Large capacity of the battery, so that better to ensure adequate power and life will be extended. The above mentioned these purely personal views, hoping to help to the owners, I wish you a smooth ride, safe travel.

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