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NPGEL Series
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Detailed description

        Hawker colloid sealed lead-acid battery using a unique colloidal technology, so that the electrolyte immobilized in the gum, to achieve the battery without the flow of electrolyte; at the same time because the electrolyte content was significantly more than AGM poor liquid battery, close to the liquid Batteries, colloidal batteries show superior float performance, more suitable for long-life standby power supply field.

        Internal structure

     ● Electrolyte

      High quality colloidal electrolyte, the concentration distribution is uniform, there is no acid layer stratification phenomenon. There is no free electrolyte inside the battery, so the battery will not leak. Electrolyte density is low, 1.24g / ml, the plate corrosion is weak, long battery life;

       ●  ABS shell

    High-strength ABS shell, the general collision or overcharge conditions will not damage deformation;

       ● safety valve

      Fire retardant valve to effectively prevent the external fire ignited the internal gas;

       ● copper pole

      Low resistance of the copper pole to ensure high current safe discharge without heat;

       ● Positive core thread

      Positive pole mandrel design with a protruding thread, increase the adhesion of active substances to prevent the loss of active substances, increase the area of attachment, improve the high current discharge capacity.

Performance characteristics

       ● completely sealed, no need to maintain water maintenance; no acid gas escape, do not pollute the environment, environmentally friendly products.

       ● The use of colloidal electrolyte technology, no acid concentration layer of the problem, completely eliminate the concentration caused by the plate corrosion and passivation phenomenon.

       ● Float long life, 12V series battery design life of up to 12 years.

       ● The use of special Hawke colloid formula and grid alloy / plate formula, the battery cycle performance and deep discharge recovery ability.

       ● Hawker patented colloidal battery dedicated separator, high porosity, low resistance.

       ● internal excess electrolyte design, in the case of high temperature and overcharge reliable, performance is better than AGM battery, more suitable for harsh environments.

       ● During normal float operation, the capacity is stable and the decay rate is low.

       ● made of ultra-pure materials, self-discharge is very low.

       ● cylindrical silver-plated terminals, good conductivity, easy to install.


       Specifications Model


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