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OPzV Series
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Detailed description

Hawker Power Group Limited is one of the world's leading battery manufacturers. Hawker Power Group Limited offices throughout the world, located in Shenzhen, China's users to provide the most direct, the most professional after-sales service.

Hawker Supersafe OPzV series of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries using advanced colloidal technology production, integration of Hawker 100 years of battery research and production experience in the battery system reliability, safety and efficiency has been a comprehensive upgrade, based on Application and environmental design concept to OPzV series of batteries in the installation site and installation methods have the greatest flexibility, to the system integrators or end users to provide the best solution, so Hawkr Supersafe OPzV series of batteries in the global Communications, power, petrochemical, metallurgical, financial center, data center, subway, exhibition and new energy and other fields has been widely used.

 ● Single voltage 2V, C10 capacity 200AH ~ 3000AH

 ● Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

 ● Float voltage: 2.23-2.25V@20 ° C

 ● Compliance with international standards:





Major international users:

● British Telecom

● Cable & Wireless

● Bell / AT&T

● Northern Telecom

● Ericsson
       ● Spanish PTT
       ● British Railways
       ● Ministry of Defence
       ● National Power
       ● Lucent Technologies
       ● Nokia
       ● China Telecon
       ● China Mobile
       ● China Netcom

Specifications Model


Internal structure

1, electrolyte

Electrolytic solution adsorbed in the colloid, the upper and lower concentrations of the same, there will be no stratification imagination; factory free no electrolyte, so the battery will not leak; electrolyte density of 1.24g / ml;

2, ABS shell

High-strength ABS shell, the general collision or overcharge conditions will not damage deformation;

3, safety valve

Fire retardant valve to effectively prevent the external fire ignited the internal gas;

4, copper pole

Low internal resistance of the copper pole to ensure high current safe discharge without heat;

5, tube positive plate

Tubular die-casting positive plate alloy structure is more dense, enhanced corrosion resistance;

6, positive core thread

The positive core mandrel is provided with protruding screws to increase the adhesion of the active material, prevent the active material from falling off, increase the adhesion area, and improve the large current discharge capability.

Technical features and advantages:

1, Optimize battery active substance formulation;

2, The maximum capacity of monomer 3000AH, to avoid the battery in parallel caused by the capacity loss and imbalance;

3, The gas recombination rate is greater than 98%, the battery does not need to add water, and the maintenance amount is low.;

4, Self-discharge rate is very low, storage for 2 years does not need to be recharged;

5, The cycle life is greater than 1200 times @ 80% DOD;

6, The maximum charge current of 40% C10; the battery can quickly full of electricity;

7, The normal use of no acid mist escape, the battery can be installed in the office or main equipment room;

8, Easy to install, horizontal or vertical installation according to site space and load-bearing.

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