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EVL series
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AGV SAFE EVL series of lithium iron phosphate battery is "Hawker Power Group Limited" research and development, manufacturing a new generation of energy storage system. With a safe, reliable, light weight, does not pollute the environment advantages, and long life, the advantages of high efficiency of light charging.


Battery structure

● shell: sealed ABS plastic flame retardant shell, a unique shock, water, salt spray design. Can be placed outdoors for a long time without damage.

● batteries: imported from the Hawk iron iron phosphate batteries, square aluminum shell structure, single cell for the 3.2V50AH, by the battery string connected in parallel 12V100AH battery pack. Professional unique structural design to ensure that the battery pack is safe and reliable, and long trouble-free operation.

● battery protection board: Hawker patented technology lithium battery protection board, support multiple groups of batteries in parallel use. Contains overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, built-in battery equalization circuit, self-balance between the batteries of the small power difference.

● Positive and negative electrodes: pure copper anti-rust anti-corrosion design.

● professional handle: fire high temperature, anti-corrosion corrosive material portable belt, toughness, no easy to break.


Battery performance parameters


Hawker lithium iron phosphate battery EVL series

battery type

AGVsafe EVL12-100

Product Size


Product Weight


Rated voltage


Rated Capacity


Maximum discharge current


Maximum charge current


Battery pole

Pure copper∮6mm

Degree of protection


Use ambient temperature

-10℃ to +60℃

Service life (depth discharge cycles)

Greater than or equal to 2000 times

Battery protection board function configuration

Protection board type

4 series charge and discharge with the mouth with a balanced function

Single string overcharge protection voltage


Single string over discharge protection voltage


Short circuit protection


External charger requirements

Charger type

Intelligent lithium iron phosphate battery charger

Rated charging voltage


Rated charging voltage


Whether the battery supports parallel connection

stand by

The maximum number of parallel



Industrial grade ABS plastic sealed flame retardant shell



1. When the battery is used in parallel, the battery voltage must be measured before the parallel connection. If the voltage difference between the parallel batteries is greater than 1V, the parallel operation is strictly prohibited.

2. In order to reduce the use of failure rate, the battery installation, the use of special wires, positive and negative screws must be fastened.

3. Do not reverse the battery.

4. When the battery voltage is less than 10V, it is recommended to use EVL30-12 charger to charge. If there is no voltage output of the battery, use the EVL30-12 charger to force the charging function to activate the battery.

5. Should be selected for the special lithium iron phosphate charger to charge the battery, not with other types of battery charger mix. Use other chargers to charge, may damage the batteries, causing a safety accident.

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